Weight Loss Retreats

Weight Loss Retreats serve as a break from routine, inspiring you to adopt healthier habits. You have more time to focus on your health and well-being. With reduced stress levels and fewer distractions, it can be an opportune time to begin a diet and focus on establishing a better and long-lasting lifestyle.

Your body weight affects your health and overall wellbeing – from your organs, your joints and arteries to the psychological side of low self-esteem, feeling self-conscious and even depression. During the course of our lives, we can experience different weight problems that can range from a simple few extra pounds to serious obesity problems.

Let the experts evaluate the best weight loss path for you.

Weight Loss program weight loss retreat eating disorders clinic

Having to lose weight doesn’t need to be a deprivation. Thanks to these optimizing Weight Loss Programs you will receive expert advice on what your body needs, in terms of nutrition and physical activity. Each person has a different set of nutritional requirements to keep them healthy, so no universal or standard diet will be offered.

You will be assisted by our specialist in determining which tools will work best for you and your lifestyle, including: developing proper eating strategies, setting an individual physical activity program, to improve your metabolism, creation of behavioral strategies.

Selected Weight Loss Retreats

You will find yourself in a new specific environment and the initial 24/7 support of experts in health, nutrition and fitness will provide incomparable motivation for weight loss efforts.

The selected destinations offer healthier food options and opportunities for physical activities. This will make it easier to make healthier choices and learn how to prepare balanced and tasty food directly from the chefs who offer free educational classes. Adopting a new eating plan requires willpower and discipline to resist temptations and make healthier choices. Building these habits takes time and effort, and it can be hard to stay motivated during the early stages.

Retreats in Italy

Have you ever wondered why Italians maintain such low obesity rates while enjoying pasta, bread, and other carb-rich delicacies? The answer lies in the cultural phenomenon known as the Mediterranean diet. Discover how the Italian approach to eating can help you shed those extra pounds and embark on a journey towards better health. Read more 


Weight Loss Retreat by Preidlhof

This One-Week-Retreat is specifically designed to empower you to discover pleasure, enhance your awareness, and activate a weight loss mentality. Price starts from € 450 per night.

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Weight Loss Clinic Lucia Magnani Health Clinic obesity treatment center

Weight Loss Program

Slimming Program in a luxury clinic, located in the Tuscan hills. Medical Expertise for quick visible results and a long term approach. Duration: from 3 nights, prices starting from € 850 per night.

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Weight Care

The tailored Weight Loss program allows you to regain your ideal weight, improve your physical shape, and facilitate maintenance at home. The concept of “eating consciously” will allow you to re-evaluate and heal your relationship with food by savoring the refined gastronomy with a sense of tranquility and a delicate emotion. Price from € 735 per night.

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Anti-cellulite Program

If your main goal is not simply to lose weight but to treat cellulite and address organic and metabolic imbalances, we have a professional and personalized solution that can help you.Through the synergy of proper nutrition, targeted physical activity, and specific treatments tailored to the type of cellulite, we can achieve tangible and visible results in a short amount of

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Adler Med Tuscany Nutrition

Adler Med Weight Loss

Tailored nutrition, private coaching sessions for additional support, cutting edge slimming procedures and spa therapy. Prices starting from € 500 per night. 1 or 2 weeks.

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Retreats in Europe


Tailor-Made Health Program Alexandra

This customized pathway is designed to address your individual health requirements. Sustainable traditional as well as modern and alternative therapies and healing procedures at the highest level, aimed at coping well with the health and mental challenges of our time. Min. stay: 7 days, prices starts from € 239 per night. Czechia, 170 km from Prague

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Euphoria Retreat Nutrigenomic Program

Signature Nutrigenomics by Euphoria

If you find yourself struggling with weight issues, whether it’s dealing with overweight or obesity, facing continuous weight changes, or experiencing disappointment from extreme diet efforts, then this program is designed specifically for you. 7 or 14 nights, from € 899 per night.

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Gym session Longevity Alvor

Longevity Obesity Optimisation

A transformative one-month program designed exclusively for individuals struggling with obesity. It will assist you in reversing obesity levels and embarking on a new journey towards a healthier life. Price from € 930 per night.

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