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Longevity Medicine is founded on the idea that many age-related diseases are preventable and treatable, and that we can slow the aging process and improve quality of life by targeting the underlying causes of these diseases.

Step into a realm of comprehensive health and wellness solutions. Elevate your well-being through our specialized services, ranging from health and medical consultancy to cutting-edge ultra-preventive medicine, spa experiences, and longevity programs. Immerse yourself in tailor-made residential programs crafted by leading longevity centers and seasoned professionals. Our integrated approach combines clinical evaluations, holistic disciplines, natural therapies, nutritional re-education, invigorating physical activities, rejuvenating beauty treatments, and mental well-being practices, creating a unique blend of services for your holistic wellness.

We believe that everyone should, at least once, benefit from the expertise of Longevity Medicine specialists. Gain invaluable tools to optimize your current and future health, empowering you to lead a longer and healthier life.

Choose excellence in health and wellness with Intercontinental Care – where luxury meets longevity.

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Here you will find the latest updates on the world of longevity and preventive medicine, as well as our exclusive proposals for residential healing programs.

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La Cure Reset

Comprehensive health check up in a private Swiss clinic. Customized to fit each guest specificities and individual needs: weight loss, back in shape, detox and anti-ageing procedures. Prices starting from CHF 9.900 Duration: 7 days

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Adler Med Tuscany Intensive Detox

Adler Med Intensive Detox

With optional supervised fasting and cellular regeneration. Advanced cosmetology center and thermal hot springs in a picturesque tuscany resort. Prices starting from € 415 per night. Duration: from 7 to 14 nights.

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Health Immunity Greece Wellness Health Greece

Immunity Reset by Euphoria

One-week program designed for those who have recently faced serious health challenges. This innovative scientific approach will offer valuable insights into your health, helping you build a robust and lifelong immune system. One night from € 1090.

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