Anti-Age & Regeneration

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Retreats aim to donate a long-term and visible change and revitalization. These programs typically incorporate a variety of lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating habits, regular exercise, stress management techniques, beauty procedures and targeted supplements or treatments.

The word “rejuvenate” literally means “to make young again” and can imply a restoration of physical or mental strength or a return to a more youthful, healthy condition.

The goal is not to stop the irreversible processes associated with advancing age, but to accept aging as a part of life. Aging also means an increase in wisdom, rather than the absolute decline of body. Rejuvenation, instead, means taking care of one’s health, well-being and physical appearance so that the overall quality of life does not decrease as the years progress.

We believe that the physical appearance is also an important element in achieving a balance between body and mind, feeling good about oneself and gaining confidence. To this end, we offer wide variety of services suited to rejuvenating the physical appearance, delaying the ageing process, preventing premature ageing, and enhancing the body’s natural beauty.

Anti agein program Longevity Clinic

30% of our age is determined by genetics, with the remaining 70% determined by our lifestyle choices and habits, be they positive or negative.

Our goal is to offer you only programs which focus on healthy aging and rejuvenation by embracing and enhancing life’s journey, rather than fighting against it.

Attracted by the ever more captivating range of anti-ageing treatments and products, we must not forget that it is only possible to trace the causes of premature aging or prevent it through professional guidance, in-depth medical and nutritional analysis.

The handpicked retreats will also allow you to discover a more youthful look through highly regarded anti-aging programs inspired by local traditions techniques, utilizing natural treatments enriched with natural resources and performed using cutting edge technology.

Selected Retreats for Rejuvenation

Your Tailor Made Offer

We can create a plan that is all about you. Your health is unique, and so should be your solution. 

Our offer includes various solutions to address the most common issues related to prevention, for which it is never too early, and the challenges that come with aging. From anti-aging programs focused on cosmetology and beauty to retreats dedicated to menopause or getting back in shape. Everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of age and gender.

Following the diagnostic tests and consultation, a sophisticated set of bespoke treatments and culinary plans is created for everyone.

After a careful selection, we make sure that each of the proposed resorts and clinic has the best experts in the field of preventive medicine, aesthetic medicine, nutrition, genetics, fitness, as well as naturopathy and mental wellbeing for a holistic approach.


Tailor-Made Health Program Alexandra

This customized pathway is designed to address your individual health requirements. Sustainable traditional as well as modern and alternative therapies and healing procedures at the highest level, aimed at coping well with the health and mental challenges of our time. Min. stay: 7 days, prices starts from € 239 per night. Czechia, 170 km

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Villa Eden Better Aging Program

Signature Better Aging

The goal of this one-week program in the stunning Alpine scenery is to create a personalized path that helps you counteract the negative effects of stress on your physical appearance. It combines advanced medical treatments, beauty procedures and relaxation. One week starting from € 6.690.

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Hydro mud therapy Palace Merano

Revital Remise en Forme

Traditional regenerative retreat in one of the first places in the world to offer a regenerative stay, beyond luxury holiday. Prices staring from € 760,00 per night. Duration: 4 nights

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