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We offer the most effective, quick and affordable plastic surgeries,
thanks to the world’s largest hospital network.

We offer the most effective, quick and affordable plastic surgeries, thanks to the world’s largest hospital network.

We believe in enhancing not just appearances but also the quality of life through our comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Led by a team of experienced plastic surgeons that are chosen by celebrities, actors and models, we are committed to achieving optimal results for our patients.

Our range of services includes a variety of procedures, such as breast augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and many others. While plastic surgery is often associated with cosmetic enhancements, it can also be used for reconstructive purposes, such as repairing birth defects, correcting deformities caused by injury or disease, or restoring function after a traumatic event.

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Private treatment in our hospital network allows you skip waiting lists while at the same time reducing the costs of plastic surgery considerably, up to 50% cheaper, in countries that are just a short flight from home. The countries listed below make excellent choices with modern hospitals and well-trained English speaking surgeons.

Our medical consultants will advise you on the best choice for your treatment in one of our leading hospitals. We will evaluate your current condition, expectations and other related factors, and offer you the most suitable options, respecting your privacy and the individual needs, age and anamnesisYour health is unique and so should be your solution.

Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Breast reconstruction, Breast reduction


Breast plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to enhance the appearance of a person’s breasts. This can be achieved through several different procedures, including:

  • Breast augmentation: there are different methods to enhance the size of the breast, such as inserting implants, lipofilling or hyaluronic acid breast augmentation.
  • Breast reduction: involves the removal of excess breast tissue to reduce the size of the breasts and alleviate discomfort.
  • Breast lift: removal of excess skin and tightening of the breast tissue to lift and reshape sagging breasts.
  • Breast reconstruction: typically performed after a mastectomy to rebuild the breast using implants or the patient’s own tissue.
  • Nipple correction: this surgery is performed on both men and women to correct enlarged, asymmetrical, protruding, or inverted nipples.

Breast plastic surgery can help improve a person’s confidence and self-esteem by creating a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape and size. It can also help alleviate physical discomfort caused by overly large or sagging breasts.

Face plastic surgery abroad

Face & Neck
Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery that focuses on improving the appearance and function of the face, head, and neck. It can be used to correct a variety of issues, including facial asymmetry, wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, and other signs of aging.

We offer you free concierge to choose the best specialist for any of the plastic surgery for face, head and neck, including:

These procedures can help to enhance facial features, restore a more youthful appearance, and boost self-confidence.

Facial plastic surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia, and recovery times can vary depending on the procedure. It is important for patients to discuss their goals and expectations with their plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment plan for their individual needs.

Body lifting Body lifting abroad Body sculpting plastic surgery

Body Contouring

Body contouring treatments are a type of plastic surgery that aims to reshape and sculpt the body by removing excess skin and fat. These treatments are often used to improve the appearance of areas of the body that have been affected by weight loss or pregnancy, such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms.

Some common body contouring treatments include liposuction, tummy tucks, arm lifts, tight lifts, calf reshaping, buttock lift, fat grafting. 

Body contouring treatments are performed by our board-certified plastic surgeons, and may require a period of recovery time. While these treatments can help improve the appearance of the body, we recommend to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve optimal results. Our goal is to only offer you the leading specialists who follow innovative, yet secure methods.

Genital plastic surgery labiaplasty

Genital Surgery

Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery for women refers to a group of surgical procedures that are performed to enhance the appearance and/or function of the female genitalia. These procedures are also known as cosmetic gynecology or female genital rejuvenation. Some common aesthetic genital surgeries for women include:

  • Labiaplasty: This procedure involves the surgical reduction or reshaping of the labia minora (inner lips) or labia majora (outer lips) of the vulva.
  • Vaginoplasty: This procedure is designed to tighten the vaginal canal and muscles, often after childbirth or as a result of aging.
  • Perineoplasty: is serves to repair the perineum and external organs of your vagina (vulva).
  • Clitoral hood reduction: This procedure involves the surgical reduction of excess skin around the clitoris.
  • Monsplasty: This procedure involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the mons pubis, which is the area above the pubic bone.

It is important to note that while these procedures are considered safe, they should be performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in female genital plastic surgery. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the outcomes and potential risks associated with these procedures.

Plastic surgery for men

Plastic Surgery
for Men

In the past, the cosmetic industry has primarily focused on women, and as a result, many men have faced difficulties in finding cosmetology specialists who cater to their specific needs. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of men seeking cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments, and we are trying to respond by offering services tailored specifically to men.

Some of the most common plastic surgery procedures for men include: gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction), liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), facelift, hair and beard transplant, aesthetic urology. Men are also seeking out plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes, such as to repair injuries or defects caused by accidents or medical conditions. The goal of plastic surgery for men is to help them achieve a more confident and self-assured appearance, as well as improve their physical function and overall quality of life.

post cancer rehab reconstructive mammoplasty


Reconstructive plastic surgery for scars and skin traumas involves the repair and restoration of the skin and underlying tissues that have been damaged due to injury, burns, or surgery. This type of plastic surgery can help to improve the function and appearance of the affected area.

Some common procedures used in reconstructive plastic surgery for scars and skin traumas include:

  • Skin grafts: consist of taking skin from one area of the body and transplanting it to the affected area.
  • Tissue expansion: involves placing a tissue expander under the skin near the affected area and gradually filling it with saline to stretch the skin and create new tissue.
  • Flap surgery: it moves healthy tissue, along with its blood vessels, from one part of the body to the affected area to improve blood flow and promote healing.
  • Breast reconstruction: This procedure has become an integral part of breast cancer treatment in recent years. Even if a full mastectomy must be performed, there are surgical options that can prevent women from experiencing feelings of sacrifice, as the reconstruction procedure restores the breast’s volume and shape.
  • Correction of congenital defects: repair of defects, that can affect any part of the body and may include cleft lip and palate, hand deformities, birthmarks, and more. Cleft lip and palate repair is one of the most common types of reconstructive plastic surgery for congenital defects. Hand deformities, such as syndactyly (fused fingers or toes) can also be corrected with reconstructive plastic surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery for scars and skin traumas can help to improve the function of the affected area, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve the appearance of scars and other skin abnormalities. It is performed by a highly specialized plastic surgeon who has extensive training and experience in this area.

Stem cell therapy regenerative medicine anti age stem cell


Regenerative medicine plays an important role in rejuvenation by promoting the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. This field focuses on developing new therapies that can restore damaged or diseased tissues and organs, using techniques such as stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, and gene therapy.

In the context of rejuvenation, regenerative medicine is used to improve the appearance and function of aging or damaged tissues. For example, stem cell therapy are used to regenerate skin cells and improve skin elasticity, while tissue engineering can be used to create new skin, bone, or cartilage for reconstructive purposes.

Overall, regenerative medicine has the potential to revolutionize the field of rejuvenation by offering new, innovative treatments that can restore a more youthful appearance and function to the body. We offer this innovative treatment option in the field of plastic surgery, customized to your needs and goals.

Plastic Surgery


Nonsurgical cosmetology procedures are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits compared to traditional plastic surgery. Some of the key advantages are minimal recovery time, reduced risk of complication, no scarring or visible marks left behind, natural-looking results and lower cost.

We can offer you free consulting regarding the leading clinics and specialists for rejuvenating and innovative nonsurgical treatments such as: Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and chemical peels. Our offer also includes residential stays with anti-aging programs, consultable here. 

However, it’s important to note that while these procedures have many benefits, they may not be suitable for all patients or all concerns, exactly as the plastic surgery. Your request will be evaluated by a qualified professional to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your individual needs.

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Plastic surgery is likely one of the most frequently innovated surgical specialties because it is increasingly involved in the development and evolution of biological phenomena in order to intervene in the most appropriate manner. The plastic surgeon must frequently collaborate with specialists from other fields in the treatment of the most diverse pathologies for the planning of the reconstruction treatment, evaluating the aesthetic factor, especially when it comes to sutures, without neglecting first and probably most important the functional problem of the patient, but without failing to restore the artistic appeal of the operated area of the body.

Choosing a trusted professional who will perform the procedure is crucial. An optimal corrective plan must be in concert with the goals and desires of the patient, and the doctors must be confident that the results intended by the patient will be achieved.

Independently on which type of treatment you are considering, choosing a professional cosmetic surgeon is the most important decision you will make. Our network of highly skilled cosmetic specialists will help you determine which breast surgery method is right for you and achieve beautiful surgical results safely. We will provide you all the necessary information, a detailed gallery and reviews of other patients.