Your Personalized Treatment Plan

We offer the most effective, quick and affordable treatments,
thanks to the world’s largest hospital network.

Intercontinental Care provides patients the possibility to get treated in the best hospitals in the world, thanks to our network of accredited healthcare facilities.
With access to top tier medical and wellness facilities in Europe, our staff ensure patients receive excellent medical treatments combined with a wide range of extra services for a complete health tourism experience that brings peace of mind.

To achieve excellence in all aspects of patient management we select our partners based on pricing transparency, safety and quality in order to offer the best possible patient care and experience.


We only work with trusted and verified hospitals which have prestigious international accreditations and certifications.

Services include the provision of a broad spectrum of medical treatments from expert doctors at top clinics and hospitals, including procedures in heart surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, cancer treatment, IVF and more. 

Longevity Resorts

Relaxation program Stress relief program Mindfulness retreat

Intercontinental Care assists its clients to improve their health through a wide selection of beauty and wellness treatments and packages for: weight management, stress and burn out, sleep disorders, holistic medicine, detox, spa and beauty treatments, anti-aging and much more.

We have selected exclusive resorts for clients looking for stays in beautiful locations dedicated to preventive medicine, longevity and wellbeing.