Mental Wellbeing Retreats

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Mental Wellbeing Retreat is a wellness focus experience designed to help you reduce stress and promote relaxation.

The goal of the selected holiday programs is to provide emotional support, teach lifestyle methods, and help you address issues such as stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, addiction aftercare, and relapse prevention.

Mental Wellbeing Retreat is also a good choice if you are seeking to learn meditation and mindfulness from highly skilled instructors or wanting to progress on your journey of personal development with the help of expert guidance.

You will learn new coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety in your daily lives. By taking a break from your usual routine and focusing on relaxation and self-care, you will be able to return to your daily live feeling refreshed, reenergized, and better equipped to handle the demands of everyday life.

Good mental health has a significant impact on overall health and life.

Psychological well-being fosters healthy relationships and social connections, and can contribute to a longer lifespan.


Selected Retreats for Mental Wellbeing

Your Tailor Made Offer

We can create a plan that is all about you. Your health is unique, and so should be your solution. 

Discover the most suitable and long-term solution for your mental health. Whether you are struggling with chronic fatigue, you are constantly anxious, experiencing symptoms of burnout, our offer is curated to restore and rebalance your mind and general wellbeing. You will find support of mental coaches, wellness practitioners and professional medical team.

From themed retreats aiming at giving you tools to simply enhance your emotional health to specific therapeutic programs for depression, addiction and other disorders related to traumatic and stressful events.

Take a break to focus on your mental health in a place, designed to help you feel better, with a supportive environment that keeps away things that might make you feel stressed or upset. A peaceful getaway from your everyday life, with experts and therapists available for you at any moment.  


Take a Deep Breath and Recharge Your Batteries

This program will remind you that taking a moment to pause, breathe, and be present is the key to finding genuine relaxation and inner strength amidst the daily grind. Not far from Prague, with prices starting from € 239 per night. Min. stay 4 nights.

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Respiratory rehabilitation – Breathe New Power

If you are looking for a respiratory rehabilitation, this option in Western Czechia, is perfect for you. The program is designed to help individuals who have respiratory conditions improve their lung function, manage symptoms, and enhance their overall quality of life. Starting from € 258 per night.

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New Life Portugal reset & rejuvenate

Reset & Rejuvenate by New Life

A transformative program for mental wellbeing in the largest natural park in Portugal: you will find expert support and healing for various challenges. Fixed price € 298 per night, 2 weeks.

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Therapeutic Programs

Sleep Therapy Retreats

Sleep retreats focus on enhancing sleep quality and overall sleep health. These specialized programs offer a supportive environment, engaging in activities, therapies, and training to address sleep-related issues, overcome personal challenges, and establish healthy sleep habits.

Poor sleep quality affects physical, mental, and emotional well-being, leading to consequences such as mood disturbances, increased irritability, mood swings, and a higher likelihood of anxiety and depression symptoms. The relationship between sleep disturbances and mood disorders is bidirectional, where poor sleep worsens mood, and negative mood disrupts sleep. Chronic sleep problems significantly impact overall quality of life, resulting in reduced enjoyment of daily activities, decreased motivation, and an overall sense of dissatisfaction. Sleep retreats aim to counter these challenges and promote a rejuvenated and balanced life.


Sleep Restore Programme

The therapy is based on holistic procedures, stimulation of the chakra points, massages and appropriate physical activity with the use of innovative methods. An initial medical check-up will investigate the clinical causes from a clinical point of view that obstruct the quality of your sleep. One week from € 830 per night.

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Preidlhof Luxury Dolce Vita Resort Deep Sea

Sleep Better Retreat by Preidlhof

6 nights in the middle of the Dolomites Park in Northern Italy: this highly personalized program will deepen and transform your sleep, finding your own personal rhythm. Support of specialists of psychology, meditation, relaxation and personal development. Prices staring from €480 per night.

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Sleep Program Nidra Yoga Six Senses

Boho Sleep Program

Unforgettable stay, light therapy in the room, handmade and organic bedroom linen, special dreamcatcher massages, sessions of yoga nidra and sound healing practice: perfect tools to induce sleep naturally, connecting deeply with your the body. 3 or 7 nights, Prices starting from € 1.200 per night.

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