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28 nights

Discover a path out of the overwhelming spiral of depression, burnout, anxiety, or chronic stress. Recognize that these symptoms are indicators of deeper issues, and that it’s time to create a new narrative for lasting change.

Symptoms are just symptoms.

For more than ten years, the New Life Experts have established themselves as a trusted sanctuary for over 4000 individuals seeking healing. Presently nestled among the tranquil mountains and valleys of Serra da Estrela, they provide a distinct methodology for mental health and wellbeing. Their program harmoniously blends mindful community living, research-driven counseling, and immersive experiences to offer a comprehensive path to recovery.

Work closely with qualified and experienced counselors who will equip you with valuable life skills. Embrace the support and empowerment of our mindfulness community, engaging in daily practices like yoga and meditation. Nourish your body with three nutritious meals each day and unwind in our heated pool, sauna, gym, and panoramic meditation hall that offers breathtaking views of Serra da Estrela.

At New Life Portugal, you’ll experience a transformation from anxiety and sadness to a sense of calmness and joy. The dedicated staff, comfortable lodging, and delightful meals will contribute to your journey of rediscovering happiness. The serene natural surroundings will allow your mind to rest, while each meal becomes a cherished moment during your month-long stay. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience that will shape your life.

On what spheres can you work during your stay?

  • Personal Development and Wellbeing
  • Work-life Balance
  • Life Coaching (both personal and work)
  • Anxiety and Depression Recovery
  • Life Transition and Grief
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Chronic Stress and Exhaustion
  • Pre-addiction and addiction aftercare
  • Overcome addictive habits and work on relapse prevention
  • Burn out recovery

And any other matter concerning your emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

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The New Life accommodation and facilities are designed to give you the perfect blend of privacy and community. Embodying modern comforts while celebrating traditional Portuguese architectural styles and materials, the living spaces invite you to feel ease, openness, and harmony in both mind and body.

Experience comfort and convenience in our well-appointed rooms, available in single or double occupancy. Each room features a private bathroom, a lovely terrace for relaxation, a convenient mini bar, and charming wood furniture. Enjoy the privacy and comfort you deserve in a cozy setting that combines simplicity with modern amenities.

Common spaces: Restaurant and Lounge, Therapy Center, Pool, Gym and Wellness Zone with Saunas, Massage cabins, Yoga and Contemplative Hall with picturesque view over the Serra Da Estrela 

Food and Nutrition

Guests at the retreat are invited to immerse themselves in a sensory experience, breathing in the alluring fragrance of freshly picked herbs from the garden, which leaves a delicate scent on their fingertips. They can relish the vibrant sweetness of a tomato plucked from the vine just moments before it graces their plate. By embracing mindfulness in their eating habits, they can elevate the simple act of nourishment into a moment of wonder and self-care.

The retreat’s commitment to holistic well-being extends to their approach to nourishing the body. Throughout the stay, guests can indulge in delectable and nourishing meals that are abundant in fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, low glycemic index foods, and probiotics. The menu is carefully designed based on the latest research on nutrition and mental health, and it proudly incorporates a variety of locally grown produce from the retreat’s own land. Supporting local artisans and small businesses, the retreat showcases the authentic flavors of regional Portuguese cuisine.

While the retreat strives to cater to diverse dietary preferences, it is important to note that due to the extensive range of ingredients used in the kitchen, they cannot guarantee that all dishes are allergen-free. Guests with specific dietary requirements are encouraged to reach out to the retreat, as they are dedicated to finding the best possible way to meet individual needs and ensure a delightful and satisfying dining experience for all.

New Life Portugal food

Expected results

 ↬ Enhanced Emotional Well-being: You will gain a better understanding of your emotions, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and develop resilience to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges more effectively.

 ↬ Increased Self-Awareness: Through various therapeutic practices and workshops, you can gain deeper insights into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This increased self-awareness can lead to personal growth and a better understanding of yourself.

 ↬ Improved Mental Clarity and Focus: Engaging in mindfulness practices, meditation, and relaxation techniques during this stay can help clear the mind, reduce mental clutter, and enhance mental clarity.

 ↬ Strengthened Coping Skills: Workshops and activities aim at equipping participants with practical tools and strategies to cope with life’s challenges.

 ↬ Renewed Energy and Vitality: You will leave the retreat feeling energized, refreshed, and motivated to prioritize your mental health. You will experience a renewed sense of purpose, increased motivation, and a zest for life.

What is included?

Accommodation and full board treatment

Peaceful, private and modern, renovated room for 28 nights and 3 nutritious, balanced meals per day and unlimited coffee, tea, and refreshments.

Carefully designed full week program

○ 8 Counselling sessions with one of New Life dedicated practitioners
○ 3 psycho-educational / experiential workshops per week + deepening of the theme of the week workshop
○ Morning sharing and guided meditation sessions (Mon-Sat)
○ Daily program with yoga and mindful movement
○ Research-driven community and nature-based activities
○ Relaxing and interactive evening activities
○ Weekend activities such as themed weekend workshops and social activities: iscovering of near villages, swimming, mushroom hunting, gardening, cooking classes or hiking tours

Spa & Wellness

○ Access to the luxurious facilities, including heated pool, sauna, gym and meditation hall with 360° views of the mountains
○ Possibility to treat yourself with some of the wellness procedure: holistic and therapeutic massages, reflexology or acupuncture
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Exclusive benefits for our clients

○ Free consulting service for all the available services, according to your health conditions
○ Free bike rental (electrical bike) for half a day


Reconnect & Heal Package

€ 256 per night
  • Min. 28 nights
  • Single room


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New Life Portugal

A trusted sanctuary in Northern Portugal for over 4000 individuals seeking healing. Nestled among the tranquil mountains and valleys of Serra da Estrela, it provides a distinct methodology for mental health and wellbeing. Programs harmoniously blend mindful community living, research-driven counseling, and immersive experiences to offer a comprehensive path to recovery.

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