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Portugal, from 5 nights

Specially designed program aiming at enhancing your longevity, thanks to a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being that offers the opportunity to inner-balance, self-awareness with mind and energy therapies. The stay will allow you to focus on healing your mind and soul with specialists and proper solutions. Learning to manage the stresses of everyday life is vital for maintaining health and happiness.

You will have a complete check-up that encompasses both physical and mental health as every part of our body and mind is closely interconnected. It is a factor that is often forgotten by traditional medicine specialists. Here, however, you will finally be in the hands of those who will try to understand your state of health in a holistic way.

Whether you simply want a break from the routine and a chance to relax and focus on your overall well-being or you are dealing with chronic pain, high level of stress, illness, anxiety or other issues, this program can offer holistic approaches to improving health. It is also highly recommended for those who are interested in learning and practicing mindfulness, meditation, and self-care techniques. Here they will find a structured environment for this with special relaxing area and trained specialists.


The Resort is located on Southern Portugal, in the Algarve region. The nearest airportts:

  • Faro International Airport: 75 km (1h distance)
  • Lisbon International Airport: 285 km (2,5h distance)
  • Seville International Airport: 275 km (2,5h distance)

Transfer from/to Faro International Airport to Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel Alvor, 1-3 people sharing: 100 Euros per way.

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What we like most about this program?

Mind Rebalance Techniques: The Longevity Alvor offers various solutions to rebalance your mind and energy: Body and Mind Techniques for Stress Management with customised exercises for regular mind training; Lifestyle coaching to improve our outlook and positivity; therapeutic emotional detox; guided meditation; Energetic Healing Therapy; Cranio Sacral Therapy; Reiki sessions or Shiatsu treatments. With bespoke strategies for your unique personality and needs, the experts can give you the tools to make real changes in your life. The result is a much healthier and happier way of living.

Location: Algarve is a picturesque region in Portugal, renowned for its stunning 200km coastline. Blessed with abundant sunshine, breathtaking beaches, warm local hospitality, and a diverse range of attractions, it is an ideal destination suitable for all preferences and age groups. In fact, Algarve has earned the prestigious title of Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2019 for the third consecutive time, a testament to its unparalleled natural beauty and appeal. Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel offers a panoramic view of the bay of Alvor and a 15 min. walking distance from the beach.

Healthy Cuisine: Longevity Nutrition is about inspiring change and motivating people to eat fresher, healthier and smarter. A wellness driven way of life is the most sustainable strategy to optimise health and prevent disease.  The cuisine is inspired by functional foods, incredibly tasty, but also rich in bioactive compounds, anti-inflammatory and alkaline components. The goal is to inspire others to adopt habits that reflect balance, moderation and common sense, for sustainable and healthy eating. Longevity delivers fresh, delicious and vibrant food sourced from local markets and artisanal suppliers. With several juice detox diets available and a complete range of vegetarian, gluten-free, high-protein and low glycemic dietary options, the local kitchen take a Mediterranean anti-inflammatory approach to organic and chemical-free cuisine.

Expected results

Personal and spiritual growth: you will return home with great spirits, inspired and feeling good, thanks to a self-discovery path, that will allow you to deepen your self-awareness and connection with your values.

Better management of daily stress: if you are experiencing high levels of stress or burnout in your life, this program can provide a much-needed break and teach you tools to manage stress more effectively.

Reconnection with nature and genuine lifestyle: Alvor Longevity is surrounded by a picturesque landscape, near to the sea, in one of the sunniest regions of Europe. This will help you reconnect with the environment and find peace in the outdoors.

Improved physical health: by working on your mental health and relaxation you might notice a significant improvement of your physical health. Your muscles will be relaxed, you will learn proper breathing techniques. Chronic pain will decrease significantly, thanks to psychosomatic pain releases.


Accommodation and meals

○ 5 nights of accommodation. Alvor Longevity accommodation combines simplicity and elegance in its full, with a contemporaneous and natural eco vibe, giving a primary attention to comfort and quality. Each room inspires by the view of Alvor bay or the uninterrupted views of green fields and the Monchique mountain while relaxing in the private balcony. All accommodation types are located within the three floors of the facility. All rooms feature complimentary Wi-fi, LCD TV, air-conditioning, hair-dryer, bathrobe and quality amenities and safe.
○ Wellness diet that includes 5 meals per day: healthy breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, and healthy and tasty lunch and dinner. Longevity infusions and alkaline water ph 9.5, in the room.

Holistic Health Check-up

The Health Check includes:
○ Lifestyle Evaluation,
○ Longevity Metabolic Check-Up,
○ Biophysical Evaluation (weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, abdominal perimeter, metabolic age),
○ Nutritional and Wellbeing Evaluation,
○ Fitness Profile Evaluation,
○ Heavy Metals Evaluation,
○ Vertebral Dysfunction Evaluation,
○ Thermographic Evaluation,
○ General Cardiovascular Evaluation, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate,
○ Basic Blood Analysis,
○ Integrative Medicine Evaluation.
○ 1 Traditional Chinese Consultation


○ 1 Osteopathy Session
○ 2 Body & Mind Techniques for Stress
○ 1 Guided Meditation
○ 1 Energetic Psychology Session
○ 2 Acupuncture Session
○ 1 Mindfulness Therapy
○ 1 Emotional Detox Therapy
○ 1 Sound Therapy

Relaxing procedures

○ Unlimited access to the Detox & Relax wet area circuit (infra-red sauna, hammam, ice fountain, Epsom salt room, sensations showers, relaxing room, relax walking path, indoor heated detox pool, indoor sensation relax pool)
○ 1 Lemon and Olive Oil Body Scrub
○ 1 Shells Massage
○ 1 Epsom Salt Flotation
○ 1 Himalayan Pink Salt Bath
○ 1 Craniosacral Therapy


○ Access to the Gym & Longevity Vitality Plan daily group activities – Examples of activities: yoga, pilates, stretching, core training, tone & fit, jump, fit ball, walks, among others
○ Availability of extra one-to-one classes: Balance & Strength Personal Training Session, HIIT and Body Shape Training and more.
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Exclusive amenities for our clients

○ Late check-out
○Welcome gift in the room
○Free consultation service to help you choose the best services, based on your health condition and personal needs


Anti-Stress & Mindfulness, 5 days

1 person from € 3.721
  • All-inclusive
  • Classic Single Suite
  • The final price may vary subject to seasonality
  • 15% DISCOUNT on all standard Longevity Spa Packages and Health & Wellness Programmes For new bookings confirmed until 31st October 2023 and stay dates between 14 October and 06 December 2023

Anti-Stress & Mindfulness, 5 days

1 person from € 3.539
  • All-inclusive
  • Shared Double Room
  • The final price may vary subject to seasonality
  • 15% DISCOUNT on all standard Longevity Spa Packages and Health & Wellness Programmes For new bookings confirmed until 31st October 2023 and stay dates between 14 October and 06 December 2023

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This state-of-the-art wellness centre, set in Southern Portugal, brings its guests to a new concept of medicine, built on 5 key pillars: a medicine that is Preventive, Personalised, Holistic, Integrative and Regenerative.

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