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Revital Detox for Longevity

7 nights, Italy

You will receive personalized detox nutritional program as well as energetic, hydroenergetic, and drainage treatments to restore circulation and psychophysical energy flows. This individually tailored treatment is accompanied by continuous monitoring by specialized medical personnel. The program is designed for those with excess weight problems, along with all the resulting consequences, such as posture and joint problems and circulation and heart problems.

This is based on the concept of organic detoxification: deep cleansing of the body to free it of residue that accumulates naturally, and also as a result of an irregular lifestyle and diet. It involves a personalised detox nutritional programme and energetic, hydroenergetic and drainage treatments that restore the balance of circulation and psycophysical energy flows. An individually planned treatment is accompanied by constant monitoring carried out by specialised medical staff. The healing effect of the program is enhanced by the location of the Palace: the charming town of Merano in Italy, enjoys some of the best climatic conditions in Europe. The natural basin the town nestles in creates a particularly pleasant microclimate all year round. 

This programme is perfect for:

  • detox and improvement of physical and mental health, leading to weight loss
  • achieving better sleep,
  • dealing with digestive difficulties,
  • improving states of anxiety and depression,
  • weight loss, muscle building,
  • bone, cardiovascular and diabetes-related complaints,
  • skin diseases and blemishes,
  • prevention of skin aging.


Merano is located in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy. It is situated in the Italian Alps and is known for its stunning natural scenery, thermal baths, and historic architecture. Merano is approximately 33 kilometers (20.5 miles) northwest of the city of Bolzano.

The nearest airports to Merano are:

  • Bolzano Airport (BZO) – This is the closest airport to Merano, located approximately 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) to the southeast. 
  • Innsbruck Airport (INN) – Innsbruck Airport in Austria is approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles) to the north of Merano and is a larger international airport offering a wider range of flight options.
  • Verona Airport (VRN) – Verona Airport, also known as Valerio Catullo Airport, is about 200 kilometers (124 miles) to the south of Merano. It is a larger international airport serving the region.
Revital Detox program Palace Merano ICC

Expected results

  • Immediately after the path you will notice a general health improvement and a total reinvigoration.
  • The weight loss won’t be the main goal, but rather a good side effect.  
  • By getting rid of toxins from your body, it will work better and you may have more energy during the day.
  • Your immune system will be strengthened, and you will get rid of anxiety, insomnia and sadness, and you will improve your focus and cognitive functions.
  • The Revital Detox path can help make your skin clearer, smoother, and healthier.


7 nights of accommodation

The 5-star hotel level, Palace Merano offers a range of comfortable and welcoming rooms and suites apartments, equipped with satellite TV with LED technology, Sky, Bose Sound System, safe, wired and wireless Internet access, internal and external telephone lines, minibar and air conditioning.
Many of the rooms are furnished in the style of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, which environment allow the guests to breathe in the unique atmosphere. The warm colours, quality materials and elegant textiles ensure total relaxation.

Nutritional Plan Revital

The goal of this diet is to cleanse the body deeply, which will lead to a rebalancing of body functions and a return of vital energy. When used in conjunction with the program’s treatments, the Revital Detox aims to improve mental and physical health by getting rid of toxins and excess fluids that the body has trouble getting rid of on its own.
The proposed menu forces the body to move and recirculate the toxins that have built up over time so that the excretory organs can get rid of them (mainly the kidneys and liver). It is mostly made up of fresh, seasonal foods that are mostly vegetarian.
The menu is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. Prior to the consultation with the doctor, this program includes a “liquid diet day” that is made up of fresh vegetables that are especially good at draining and remineralising. Therefore, it is a food plan that works for everyone without any special requirements. The weight loss that happens as a result is a nice side effect, but it’s not the main goal.

Revital Detox Procedures

○Assessment of toxicity levels
○5 bioenergy appointments including the check-up
○Body Densitometry (DEXA scanner, subject to medical visit)
○Dietary examination
○Post-treatment stage diet plan
○6 energy massages
○Hydro-energy treatment including:
○6 hydro-aromatherapy sessions
○6 phyto-mud therapy sessions
○6 hydro-jet massages
○To get your at-home treatment underway, the “Revital 3 days” LYOpharm kit is included
○3 Medical compulsory visits: Visit, control, assistance.

Fitness package

Optionally a fitness package can be added to this program, supplemented by a daily exercise program with a personal trainer as well as a recovery of energy through a vitamin-vital infusion complex, subject to medical evaluation:

○3 lessons with Personal Trainer: pilates and functional training
○3 vitamin-vital infusion complexes, subject to medical visit
○3 Outdoor Walking in the mountain trails or along the bank of picturesque rivers

The extra cost of this package is € 800,00
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Exclusive amenities for our clients

○ Free Room Upgrade at the arrival (depending on availability)
○2 additional SPA treatments for face or body
○Free consulting service for all the available services, according to your health conditions.


Revital Detox for Longevity

1 night from € 906
  • 6 days of treatments, 7 nights
  • All-inclusive
  • The final price may vary subject to seasonality

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