Detox & Balance

Czechia, from 7 nights

The Detox & Balance program has been created through a collaborative effort with extensively experienced nutritional guidance. It has been closely coordinated with the Resort’s medical and culinary teams, offering a comprehensive approach to your well-being. The effectiveness of this program hinges on your wholehearted and engaged involvement. The program is designed to assist you in managing your weight, with the goal of enhancing your physical vitality, fostering the adoption of a lasting healthy lifestyle, and facilitating controlled, enduring weight loss even after you leave.



Marianske Lazne is located 170 km from Prague (2 hours), the capital of the Czech Republic, and 75 km from Pilsen.

It is connected to Prague and Pilsen by a high-speed Pendolino train, that runs twice a day. The nearest Train Station is Mariánské Lázne (Marienbad). Guests can request private and group transfer service from any airport or from the train station.

Expected Results

This comprehensive, long-term weight loss program guided by medical professionals focuses on a sustainable Weight Loss. The core objective is to guide you toward attaining and sustaining a healthy weight over an extended period. Other significant benefits are:

  • Improved Health Markers: lower blood pressure, enhanced cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar control (thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes), and a decreased susceptibility to heart disease.
  • Enhanced Fitness and Physical Shape, and improved cardiovascular health.
  • Increased Energy Levels: reduction in feelings of fatigue and lethargy
  • Better Mental Health: reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, heightened self-esteem, and a more favorable body image.
  • Joint Health: alleviation of strain on joints, relief from pain and discomfort, especially for those with conditions like osteoarthritis.
  • Sleep Improvements: decrease in sleep apnea symptoms, promoting more restorative rest.
  • Reduced Medication Dependency: reduction or even discontinuation of certain medications (e.g., for hypertension or diabetes) under medical supervision as they lose weight and enhance their overall health.
  • Enhanced Longevity: extended life expectancy and a lowered risk of premature mortality.
  • Lifestyle Changes: you will acquire healthier eating habits, gain mastery over portion control, and learn strategies for maintaining a balanced diet. These habits can contribute to a healthier lifestyle even beyond the program’s duration.

What we like most about this program?

Availability of the Medical Center

Medical Center with multilingual, experienced team of doctors and therapists. Individual treatments and preventive health program will be crafted for you to ensure a holistic recovery by boosting immunity, strengthening the musculoskeletal and respiratory systems, and by working on your inner well-being and mindset. Among available medical services you will find: the CO2 injections and baths, inhalations, oxygen therapy, pneumopuncture, traditional and ear acupuncture, hydro-colon therapy, biostimulant and anti-ageing treatments, measurement of heart rate variability, biological age and resting state of the body,  spirometry and more.

Therapeutic baths and water therapies

More than 40 mineral springs of different composition and healing properties are the basis of many of the treatments. The effects are perceivable immediately: lower blood pressure, relieve of rheumatic complaints and chronic pain and inflammation, improvement of blood circulation, antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. The muds are particularly helpful for any skin diseases and increase cell regeneration and wound healing. Those who suffer from muscle tensions, frequent headaches and neuralgias will find a significant release of their syndromes.

Beauty of the local nature

The Resort is nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Czech Republic, a place where nature’s beauty unfolds in mesmerizing splendor. The town is nominated for UNESCO World Heritage in the category “the Great Spas of Europe”.

The lush surroundings are a symphony of colors and textures, with dense forests of beech and spruce trees that cloak the rolling hills, casting dappled sunlight on winding paths. Crystal-clear streams meander through the verdant valleys, their waters enriched by the town’s famous thermal springs. The well-kept parks, the beautiful architecture, the beauty of the surrounding nature, the rich offer of leisure activities and the famous history make Marianske Lazne a popular holiday destination that can be a starting spot to many interesting activities: the Czech Miniature Park, Singing Fountains, a renowned Chopin Festival with chamber and symphonic music, many medieval impressive castles and more…



○ Overnight stay in the selected single, double or 2 + 1 room. All the rooms offer everything you need for a most relaxing vacation. They are equipped with SAT TV, minibar and direct phone. Bathrooms are with shower and/or bathtub according to the category. WI-FI free of charge throughout the whole hotel. The Resort is pet-friendly, and dogs are welcome.
○ Free entrance to the Acquapura SPA with four heated concept pools, four saunas incl. indoor relaxation zone, garden with sun beds and a wide range of spa treatments - spa bag with bathrobe, towels and slippers at your disposal for the duration of your stay.
○ Your room will be specially prepared for you, from the moment of your arrival (coffee, tea, water, sugar-free drinks)


○ Balance Vital Cuisine - health-conscious cuisine with a rich breakfast, Good4U Lunch and a multi-course dinner in combination of served dishes and buffet offers. Our nutritionists and chefs prioritize local ingredients and meticulous cultivation methods, ensuring that you always enjoy seasonal foods sourced from Czech farms. Many of the products are exclusively crafted for the Resort.
○ Food and beverage planning with precise guidelines and recommendations for breakfast and lunch, as well as a fully served multi-course dinner tailored to your needs

Medical Check-up

○ Initial consultation with the doctor
○ Body measurements, laboratory diagnostics, ECG, bio-impedance analysis and subsequent evaluation
○ 2 additional medical consultations each week of your stay
○ Final consultation with the doctor, with evaluation of results and specific recommendations


Individualised plan with a selection of supportive treatments such as physiotherapies, physical treatments, slimming and draining massages, and therapeutic baths.
18 healing procedures and 5 extra treatments are included for each week of your stay, such as:
○ Probiotic revitalization of the digestive tract
○ Hydrocolon – colon cleansing and sanitation
○ Tissue cleaning with Pharmos® Detox full body pack
○ Whole-body detox massages with cupping glasses
○ Stimulation of specific foot reflex zones
○ Relaxation bath with our own Alexandra spring water
○ Stimulation of the blood circulation with a dry CO2 bath with oxygen inhalation
○ Targeted activation of the lymph flow with lymph drainage

Physical activity

○ Specific recommendations for moderate intensity physical activities, under the personal guidance of a qualified trainer. Strength training, walks of various lengths, water and exercise therapies, as well as in the hotel as in the immediate surroundings of the hotel.
○ Every week we prepare a new sport program for you. In the pool, gym or outdoors. Special exercises for abdominals, legs and buttocks, aquafit, theraband, fascia training, back exercises, stretching, exercise ball training, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, bioenergetic exercises, circuit training or Qi Guong.
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Exclusive benefits for our clients

○ Free consulting service for all the available services, according to your health conditions
○ Possibility of covering the expenses with the medical insurance
○ One free yoga class per person
○ Complimentary upgrade of room category – upon availability


Detox & Balance Package

From € 559 per night
  • Min. 7 nights
  • Single room
  • Discount for the second person

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