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Do not limit your treatment options.
We offer the most effective, quick and affordable treatments,
thanks to the world’s largest hospital network.

Do not limit your treatment options. We offer the most effective, quick and affordable treatments, thanks to the world’s largest hospital network.

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Intercontinental Care is a leading medical concierge with over 20 years of experience in helping Patients to find the most effective medical services thanks to its network of specialized hospitals and doctors, which is currently the largest in the world. We offer complete treatment pathways for common and especially rare diseases, from the initial assessment to medical treatment or surgery as well as rehabilitation. 

Our expertise in multiple countries and wide selection of hospitals allows us identify easily the best quality services for the most convenient prices

How our service works?


Use the request form to tells us about your medical condition, budget or preferred country. One of our medical coordinators will contact you and help you get your desired treatment.

Treatment Plan

Our medical coordinators will assess your case based on the documents you provided and request a price quotation and treatment plan from hospitals and doctors specialized in your disease.

Medical Treatment

After you have evaluated the offers according to your preferences, we will help you organize your medical treatment at the chosen hospital and follow your case until discharge.


As your medical concierge we will follow your case even after you have received the medical treatment, helping you organize the necessary follow-ups and rehabilitation as needed. 

Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled physicians and surgeons, includes some of the best in the world in their respective specialities  to ensure that each patient receives only the highest standard of care. We understand the importance of making our patients feel like they were in their own country and offer dedicated interpretation services to facilitate clear communication and ensure a comfortable experience.

Intercontinental Care advises its Patients on how to obtain cost coverage or reimbursements for the medical services they receive abroad through their international health insurance or coverage by their home country. The amount of medical fees covered (total or partial) depends on the Patients’ insurance policy, citizenship and the type of medical treatment that is required.

Avoid unnecessary costs by seeking the help of our medical advisors to make use of all the possibile medical treatment cost coverage solutions.

Besides offering health and medical consultancy services, we at Intercontinental Care, aim to improve the quality of life by offering personal solutions in longevity medicine, that allow to maintain optimal performance throughout the one’s entire lifespan, including early disease prevention, weight management, personalized nutrition, mental wellbeing, anti-ageing as well as cosmetology.

Discover the world’s best medical resorts in naturally healing locations that combine preventive medicine, relaxation and well-being.