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Immunity Reset

Greece, 7 days

Discover the secrets to boost your immune system and improve your overall health and well-being with our program. We’ll share the latest scientific findings and effective strategies to strengthen your immune system for long-lasting health and energy.

In this program, we use advanced medical testing with OMICS technologies to understand how your cells and metabolism interact. Through blood and urine tests, we create a personalized antioxidant-rich Mediterranean nutrition plan, targeted body workouts, and various detoxifying treatments and therapies to reset and reboot your immune system.

In addition to these benefits, you’ll experience outdoor movement practices in our serene pine forest, connecting you to your true self. Our dedicated scientific team aims to guide and inspire you to become your own healer, offering support as you make positive lifestyle changes to improve your metabolic function and immunity. It’s a fully personalized program tailored to your unique cellular needs.

Throughout the journey, our team of caring experts and therapists will be there to advise and support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll work towards enhancing your health and well-being for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

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This program is for you if...

If you’re seeking to build a robust and lifelong immune system while gaining a deeper understanding of your body’s immune-metabolic function, then this stay is perfect for you. This transformative experience empowers you to construct an immunity-based protective wall against potential future threats, making a holistic difference to your overall well-being. Whether you’ve faced serious health challenges and immunological, pathological, autoimmune issues, or others, this innovative scientific approach will offer valuable insights into your health. The benefits of the Immune Reset Program, awaits you on this journey of improved health and vitality.


Expected Results

In this comprehensive program, you’ll experience a range of powerful benefits to enhance your overall well-being. Through the specially designed practices, you’ll boost cellular activity, providing essential protection from infections and viruses through physical means. We’ll help you construct an immunnometabolic protective wall to prepare for potential future threats, supporting your body’s natural immune system. By reducing inflammation and incorporating specialized breathing practices, you’ll cultivate a stronger immunity. Moreover, our mind-body connection techniques will further bolster your immune strength. You’ll also gain valuable knowledge about the impact of nutrition on your immune system, learning how to naturally support your body and restore good health. This transformative journey will empower you to take charge of your immunity and embrace a healthier, more resilient life.



The setting of Euphoria Retreat is something we are immensely proud of. Consisting of a clutch of buildings developed around a historic mansion which dates as far back as 1830, modern day additions meet and mould with architectural history. Euphoria Retreat’s design is minimalist, exuding a sense of luxury and elegance to ensure utmost comfort during your stay. Guests have a choice of 45 rooms and suites, each offering stunning views of either the renowned Mystras Castle and the charming village of Mystras, or the retreat’s private forest. The guestrooms are adorned with warm colors and luxurious textiles, drawing inspiration from the Byzantine Empire’s iconography and exclusively designed for Euphoria Retreat.

Equipped with the latest technology, including subtle lighting, bioclimatization, underfloor heating, and home automation systems, each guestroom possesses its own unique character while maintaining the Zen and calming atmosphere of the Retreat. The wooden furniture and marble bathrooms provide everything needed for a tranquil and relaxing stay. Additionally, the retreat offers accessible rooms for those with special requirements.


What is included?

Accommodation and meals

○ Accommodation for the selected period and personalized meal plan: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner according to the nutritional guidance
○ Free use of Outdoor-In-door swimming pool, Relaxation Areas, Waterwell (Kneipp Therapy), Tepidarium, Laconium Finish Sauna, Experience Showers, Herbal Steam bath, Cold Plunge, Pool, Cold Ice Mist, use of Gym and Daily Wellness Group Activities (Meditation, Yoga, Fitness, Mat Pilates, Walking/Trekking, Lectures, Qi Gong, TRX).

Medical testing and consultations

○ 1 Testing 3GL plus (Lab Test+Assessment+Urine test), 45 min
○ 2 Nutritional Consultations with scientific Personalised food therapy
○ 1 Euphoria Feedback (discussion of results), 25 min
○ 1 Urine test (and follow up), 15 min
○ 1 Wellness Consultation, 30 min
○ 1 Composite Exclusive Innovative Blood panel: full hormonal blood scanning of fuel (9 parametres), Complete Cellular stress scanning (7 parametres include DNA oxidation), Specific b.test panel for the immunity, Scanning of more than 12 active amino acids & derivatives - metabolites, via urine sample, Evaluation of 50 specific metabolites-organic acids, which determine metabolic homeostasis via urine, Full scanning and evaluation of 5 cytokines related to immunometabolism, Full scanning of omega fatty acids, Full biochemical blood count - traces & minerals (6 parametres), Full liver blood count scanning (7 parametres)
○ 1 Ergo physiological scanning. Detects RQ index, metabolic rates, respiratory conditions, 20 min
○ 1 Month Follow-up on Personalised Online Platform
○ 2 Consultations on personalised internet platform or on site with Molecular Nutritionist, Pathologist expert and Specialist in Nutrigenomics, each of 40 min
○ Scientific Supervision of your progress

Wellness therapies and activities

○ 2 Acupunctures, 50 min
○ 1 Forest Fit & Energy walk, 50 min
○ 2 Salt room sessions, 20 min      
○ 2 Lymphatic Drainages, 50 min 
○ 3 Personal training session-Outdoor, 1 hour
○ 1 Group Mind Detox or Meditation, 45 min
○ 2 Τransformation Consultations, 60 min
○ 1 Feel Alive again massage, 80 min         
○ 2 Detox Cupping Massages, 50  min
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Exclusive amenities for our clients

○ Late check-out
○Welcome gift in the room
○Free consultation service to help you choose the best services, based on your health condition and personal needs

Immunity Reset, 1 person

7 days from € 8.055
  • All-inclusive
  • Classic Single Suite
  • The final price may vary subject to seasonality

Immunity Reset, 2 persons

7 days from € 15.198
  • All-inclusive
  • Double Classic Suite
  • The final price may vary subject to seasonality

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