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Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve sends visual information from your eye to your brain and is vital for good vision. Damage to the optic nerve is often related to high pressure in your eye. But glaucoma can happen even with normal eye pressure.

Glaucoma can occur at any age but is more common in older adults. It is one of the leading causes of blindness for people over the age of 60. Many forms of glaucoma have no warning signs. The effect is so gradual that you may not notice a change in vision until the condition is in its later stages.

It’s important to have regular eye exams that include measurements of your eye pressure. If glaucoma is recognized early, vision loss can be slowed or prevented. If you have glaucoma, you’ll need treatment or monitoring for the rest of your life.

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Treatment of Glaucoma

Laser therapy to treat glaucoma

Your eye doctor uses a laser (a strong beam of light) to help improve fluid drainage from your eye. Your provider may suggest lasers as a first-line therapy instead of drops or in addition to eye drops. Having laser treatment may not replace the use of eye drops completely. The results from laser treatments vary but can last for years in some cases. Your provider may be able to repeat some types of laser treatments.

Surgery to treat glaucoma

Surgery is another way to help reduce eye pressure. It’s more invasive but can also achieve better eye pressure control faster than drops or lasers. Surgery can help slow down vision loss, but it can’t restore lost vision or cure glaucoma. There are many types of surgeries for glaucoma, and depending on the specific type and severity, your eye doctor may choose one over another.

For instance, there’s traditional surgery that involves cutting your eye and minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (called MIGS). There are many types of MIGS procedures available, including different types of stents or devices used to improve the outflow of fluid from your eye. The MIGS procedures typically take less time to perform and have a faster recovery time with potentially fewer risks than traditional glaucoma surgeries. The types of surgeries available for glaucoma, especially the less invasive MIGS procedures, continue to expand and evolve.

Complications of Glaucoma