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Scoliosis refers to an unusual bending of the backbone, resulting in a curved shape. Normally, the spine has a natural forward and backward curvature while scoliosis causes the spine to also form a sideways curve. The severity of these curves can range from as little as 10 degrees to more than 100 degrees.

Treating scoliosis only becomes more challenging as the condition progresses. Not only is this because the condition is naturally moving into its more severe stage of progression over time, but also because the body has had years to adjust to the abnormal spinal curvature. After a person has been living with scoliosis for years, their spinal discs, muscles, and tendons gradually adjust to the spine’s unnatural position. In addition, a spine that is no longer growing is less malleable and more rigid so early treatment is advised.

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Scoliosis corrective surgery in the USA costs $120,000 on average. The prices in other European countries range from $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the case and technique used. Private treatment abroad allows you skip waiting lists while at the same time reducing the costs of scoliosis surgery considerably, up to 70% cheaper, in European facilities that are just a short flight from home. 
The hospitals listed below are located in countries, known for their excellent development in the private healthcare, with latest equipment and well-trained English-speaking surgeons. Our medical consultants will be happy to advise you for free on the best choice for your scoliosis treatment in one of our leading hospitals. 

Treatment of Scoliosis

Surgery is reserved for cases of adult scoliosis where non-surgical interventions have proven ineffective or the condition has significantly worsened. The decision for surgery may be based on the following factors:

  • Pain: Surgery may be necessary if the back and leg pain caused by scoliosis becomes severe and persistent, and does not respond to conservative treatment.
  • Spinal imbalance: The balance of the spine is crucial in assessing scoliosis progression and the need for surgery. When standing, the head should be aligned over the center of the pelvis when viewed from the front and over the hip joints when viewed from the side. If the curve progresses to the extent that this balance cannot be maintained, it can lead to increased pain and functional limitations over time.
  • Quality of life improvement: While surgery is not typically recommended solely for cosmetic purposes, some individuals may find the symptoms of their spinal deformity unbearable, impacting their overall quality of life. Surgery may be the only option in such cases. In younger adults, cosmetic deformity may be a significant consideration for surgery, but it is usually less important in older adults.

Complications of Scoliosis

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Having an experienced doctor evaluate your case individually is an important initial point of your treatment.  Thanks to their expertise, professionals can accurately diagnose and assess the unique complexities of each patient’s health condition. Every individual’s medical history, lifestyle, and genetic assets are distinct, making personalized evaluation essential for effective decisions. Sometimes making autonomous decisions may lead to inaccurate self-diagnoses or misguided choices. As our patient, you will benefit from informed guidance, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care that optimizes final outcomes.