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Nestled within the peaceful and enchanting Bolognese hills, the Palazzo di Varignana resort gazes upon the town that shares its name. The centerpiece of the resort is Palazzo Bentivoglio, a rustic castle adorned with four traditional towers dating back to 1705, lovingly restored to preserve its historical allure. Embracing the charm of its past, the main historic structure is encompassed by a contemporary village constructed from stone, designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Sprawling across the property are 30 hectares of land, encompassing expansive green spaces, parks, natural water sources, and awe-inspiring vistas. Adjacent to the resort lies a sprawling 350-hectare farm, producing farm-to-table ingredients that take center stage in the restaurant’s culinary creations.

Palazzo di Varignana offers more than just a vacation; it presents a chance to explore fresh lifestyles for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their physical well-being, restore inner equilibrium, alleviate stress, and enhance vitality. It provides a holistic experience that fosters harmony between the body, mind, and soul, allowing guests to discover renewed energy and a renewed sense of self.

The scientific method applied to Palazzo di Varignana includes activities that focus on the guest, listening to their needs, to find solutions to live healthier and longer. Health & Wellness Retreats by the Acquaviva Method are a real transformative journey of a couple of nights to reach the maximum of one’s spiritual and physical well-being potential and shine with an unprecedented form of beauty. The method is based on the 5 pillars of health (nutrition, inner harmony, physical activity, sleep and rest, dietary and cosmetic integration). Trying the Health Retreats in a hidden, unique and suggestive location will certainly represent an unforgettable experience.

Features of the Acquaviva Method

Scientific Research

There is no magic secret to re-establish an ideal weight, living well and living longer. Dr Annamaria Acquaviva is a nutritionist dietician, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna, after a first degree in Pharmacy. She shows how to find overall harmony, recommending the tools and strategies for achieving balance between mind and body, helping us to face the challenges of everyday life. This is not some “trendy” method but the application of the most recent scientific findings on the person. It is in this way that the doctor defined her method, with the 5 pillars of health: inner harmony, physical activity, rest, dietary supplementation and cosmetics. The equilibrium of these factors is key for achieving the best of one’s psycho-physical well-being potential and to shine with an unprecedented form of beauty.

Personal Guidance

Each Guest will be personally accompanied by Dr Acquaviva and their progress will be followed day by day by the Doctor personally. She accompanies individuals on a transformative journey, providing them with an opportunity to develop self-awareness regarding their bodies, stress levels, and overall well-being. Through the implementation of effective behaviors and strategies, she assists them in achieving optimal health, better sleep, inner harmony, enhanced mental energy, weight loss, and a sense of improved self-perception.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort Bologna Longevity Check up

Nutrition based on chronotype

To treat sleep disorders and improve overall health, the Aquaviva Method has developed a specific diet according to the circadian clock system of each person.

Nutrition based on chronotype involves tailoring dietary choices and meal timing to align with an individual’s natural biological rhythm, known as their chronotype. A person’s chronotype refers to their preference for being active or resting at specific times of the day. The concept behind nutrition based on chronotype is that our bodies have different metabolic and hormonal patterns throughout the day, influenced by our internal body clock. By understanding our chronotype, we can optimize our nutrition to better support our energy levels, sleep quality, and overall health.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort Bologna chronotype nutrition

Absolute Privacy and Large Spaces

Palazzo di Varignana is surrounded by an immense park in the hills of Bologna and its complex is spread over 6 different buildings to offer a truly comfortable and spacious atmosphere. Such an absolute privacy provides a sanctuary where individuals can unwind, decompress, and escape from external stressors. When surrounded by large spaces, they can experience a sense of openness and freedom, which promotes relaxation and helps reduce anxiety or tension and positively impacts physical health and overall well-being. Being able to retreat to a secluded space allows individuals to disconnect from external demands and focus on self-care, quality sleep, and relaxation. Large spaces provide room for comfortable sleep arrangements and the ability to create a personalized environment that promotes restful sleep.

Palazzo di Varignana accommodation

Varsana Spa

Varsana Spa offers a serene haven where one can reconnect with a deep sense of well-being and embrace the unhurried passage of time. Drawing inspiration from the elements of water and nature, the spa provides an immersive and authentic experience during your vacation. Indulge in the therapeutic offerings, including the Calanchi Cave, Saline Cave, swimming pools equipped with hydro jets, a Finnish sauna, a Mediterranean sauna, a Turkish bath, emotional showers, a music therapy pool, and a relaxation room with a delightful herbal tea corner. Additionally, the spa boasts 2,500 square meters of outdoor spaces, featuring seven swimming pools that overlook the picturesque hilly landscapes encompassing the resort.

The Varsana Spa experience is enriched by the Hammam and Ofuro areas, which pay homage to Arabian and Japanese traditions, respectively. These spaces offer couples the opportunity to partake in private rituals in an atmosphere of complete seclusion.

To enhance the spa experience further, Palazzo di Varignana presents a personalized cosmetic line crafted from local ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, wine, saffron, and pomegranate.

In essence, Varsana Spa provides a tranquil sanctuary where one can discover tranquility, nourish the senses, and immerse oneself in the splendor of nature’s elements.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort Bologna pool Spa

Organic Oil and Wine

Palazzo di Varignana is a project hinged around the recovery and regeneration of historic buildings, abandoned rural lands, and farmhouses along with crops that have been discontinued. Founded in 2015, the Varignana agricultural estate stretches today over 300 hectares of land. Thanks to the restoration of the ancient varieties of native olive trees, extending for 150 hectares, it produces one of the most awarded and recognized extra virgin olive oil in the world. The wine offering is also being expanded further, thanks also to the upcoming opening of the new cellar: 1,100 square meters that gather an excellent selection of wines. This project intends to bring forward values ​​such as tradition, local area, excellence, and health.

Extra virgin olive oil, wine, saffron and pomegranate also compose the bespoke cosmetic line of Palazzo di Varignana.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort Bologna Wineyard

Health for Children

Experience the exceptional care and support for the entire family at Palazzo di Varigana. Dr. Acquaviva’s method extends its expertise to children, providing parents with invaluable tools to nurture their child’s well-being. Addressing weight-related concerns in childhood requires a delicate approach, considering the psychological impact involved. Our tailored interventions empower caregivers, offering practical solutions that go beyond conventional advice. By understanding caregivers’ perceptions, we customize recommendations and interventions, enabling them to confidently implement pediatricians’ suggestions or preventive measures. We acknowledge that every family is unique, and we are here to guide you towards a healthier future for your children.

Extra experiences

Palazzo di Varignana is a place brimming with captivating surprises through its fusion of nature, art, and events. Every day presents an exciting chance to explore uncharted corners and immerse oneself in novel emotions. With its enchanting ornamental garden, diverse calendar of events, and a stage showcasing renowned performers of art music, Palazzo di Varignana consistently astonishes and delights its visitors.

You can indulge yourself in a series of activities, such as: food tasting, golf, walks in ornamental gardens, exploration of art collections or dining in an authentic vintage coach, dating back to 1921.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort Bologna vintage coach

Acquaviva Health Retreats

Under the guidance of Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva, a leader in the scientific approach at Palazzo di Varignana, various activities are designed to prioritize inner harmony. Each person is listened carefully and the wellness programs provide solutions for a healthier and more satisfying life.

The Acquaviva Method Health & Wellness Retreats, available at the Palazzo di Varignana, offer an authentic transformative experience spanning 3-6 nights or longer, aiming to unlock each participant’s utmost potential for holistic well-being and radiate a newfound beauty unlike anything experienced before. With numerous goals in mind, there remains a singular method to achieve them all.

Closest airports:

  • Bologna (30 km)
  • Forlì (60 km)
  • Florence (120 km)
  • Milan (290 km)

Private Transfer Service with driver is available upon request.