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Menopause retreat Preidlhof

Menopause Retreat

Glow & Flow in Your Second Half,
duration: 7 nights

If you are already struggling through your menopause, have just started your journey or are experiencing physical and emotional changes you suspect might be the start of what is to come, then this beautiful one-week retreat will help you.

For some women, the menopause can be frightening, while for others it can be a total breeze. Finding solutions to this biological process’s natural adaptations will make the transition through life easier and more balanced. The ability to be more proactive about life changes, along with useful advice on what is occurring within your own system, is what you will take away from this retreat. It’s crucial to know what works and what doesn’t work for you. With this information, you can further research the options that are best for you.

It is designed to be unforgettable, a milestone in your life. Reconnect with yourself, become a friend of the natural rather than resist the emotional and physical transformation of the menopause. Engaging classes and exceptional therapists guide a mindset shift to focus on the pleasure of being alive and of being a woman, helping to define one’s path with a special, healing, spiritual touch. Stimulate adventure, amaze yourself, boost gratitude and the energy of the heart.

This retreat is available in February, March, June and September


The Resort is located in Naturno, in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy. It is situated in the province of Bolzano, in the Italian Alps. Naturno is known for its picturesque landscapes, orchards, and outdoor recreational activities, making it a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

The nearest airports are International Bolzano Airport BZO (only 40 km), Innsbruck Airport (160 km) and Valerio Catullo Verona Airport (180 km). Transfers from airports or train stations are organized by request.

Menopause retreat Preidlhof

A balance of harmonising and healing treatments will enhance your natural perceptions: learn to welcome and understand the body’s expressions and start seeing the sacred body as the great Master. Discover how to calm the mind and increase inner peace. These abilities can be particularly useful in coping with all the challenges of the menopause period.

Menopause retreat Preidlhof

Expected results

  • After experiencing one of Preidlhof’s transformational retreats you will return home fulfilled, enriched
    with new tools to lead a better life.
  • You will have the opportunity to regenerate body and mind, thanks to the included harmonizing and healing treatments
    designed to enhance one’s natural perceptions and tap into the body’s innate
    intelligence, strength, and healing power.
  • You will join a holistic like-minded community of Preidlhof’s world-class wellness therapists who will help you unlock fresh perspectives geared to guide your personal journey of healing and transformation.
  • You will start enjoying the art of eating, thanks to the mindful and sensorial eating classes which focus on healing through food. Mindful eating can help keep you healthy in a number of ways, particularly in this period.


Leading experts in vegan spa cuisine, to further enhance Preidlhof’s Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu. Predominantly plant-based and created to appeal to all the senses, the menu changes every evening and incorporates freshly grown ingredients according to the season. There are also weekly workshops on the ‘9 Types of Hunger’ and the ‘Apple Journey’ lead by the local psychologist and fitness trainer’s experience. A new sensory analysis and mindful eating experiences including chocolate, salt, and olive oil tastings, in addition to a slow meditative coffee experience, to help guests overcome judgement and limitations towards food.

The health assessment includes the Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is a specialized session that measures the body’s energy efficiency. It detects one’s own HRV and describes the dynamic rhythm of the heart.

1 Wellness, psychological, and sensorial consultation is conducted with a member of Preidlhof’s Master Therapist or Medical Wellness teams to inspire the individual journey, 30 min

1 Award-winning healing session created  based on the extensive research in the holistic field and his specializations, including Trauma Touch Skills. Interactive conversation, meditative bodywork, and intuitive techniques address the needs of the body which releases emotional blocks, anxiety and imbalance often related to various types of traumas, 80 min

1 Transformational Session: Surprising and original, this immersive experience is designed by Transformational and Wellness Life-Coach Patrizia Bortolin who, through different sensory techniques, leads a journey of rediscovery and transformation that provides new perspectives and promotes a vital, creative, and inspiring approach to life, 60 min

2 Personal Holistic Coaching Training Sessions: The session may include dance, postural gym (in pool or on land), rope flow, face yoga, laughter yoga, or voice yoga, 50 min each

Depending on your priorities the retreat may include two sessions of acupuncture or a sleep track and discussion session. The Sleep Track is enabled by a Sleep Lab session that evaluates quality of sleep. Acupuncture is among treatments recommended to increase or balance energy, to help with sleep issues and other symptoms, 25 min. each

1 Integrated Healing Massage: This highly specialized session may include ancient healing methods: TCM, Hawaiian, Yaku Shiatsu, osteopathy-based therapeutical massage, or a 100-minute Ayurvedic treatment, all personalized and part of Preidlhof’s signature wellness method.

1 Sound & Quartz Ritual: This mystic ritual is conducted on a warm therapeutic treatment bed where heated quartz sand gently adapts to the shape of the body. This treatment can be relaxing or regenerating. It relies on deep vibrations resonating from bells, artisanal instruments or a gong played by the therapist, amplified from the quartz and conveyed to the entire body, 75 min.

1 Deep Sea Massage: A sensorial and inspiring Thai-inspired massage is given on a futon creating a synergy between sound, colors and gentle movements to increase awareness, creative flow, and inner attunement, 40 min.

1 Water Massage Awake or Rest: An experience to be had at sunrise or sunset to stimulate water-related creativity. This takes place in Preidlhof’s outdoor saline infinity pool or in the beautiful 1950s-inspired indoor pool – now a thermal water pool, 40 min.

1 Cloud or Silhouette Massage: Choice of a relaxing face, scalp and foot massage or a silhouette massage, 50 min.

Suggested Extra: Hawaiian Healing Massage, 120 min.

4 holistic sessions Guided by Preidlhof’s team of wellness therapists, these daily signature classes are highly recommended to maximize the benefit of each transformational retreat program.

In 2023, you have the opportunity to enhance your retreat experience by adding a series of new local activities and encounters at the resort. The aim is to provide you with deeper cultural experiences that go beyond the traditional offerings. The resort’s coordinator combines her passion for wellness and travel to curate these experiences, ensuring that you connect with local traditions, people, and places. Available experiences: wild swimming, local wine tastings, village Vespa tours, coffee overlooking the Dolomites, mountain sunrise hikes, “Farmer’s Life”, and mindful local eating, in addition to the already established and award-winning forest bathing sessions led by ‘Lady of the Woods’ Ingrid Mossmair.

Reflexology Massage, 20 min

Thermal Bath, 20 min

Free consulting service for all the available services, according to your health conditions.


One person, Menopause Retreat package

from € 3.530
  • All-inclusive
  • Single room with King Size Bed
  • Stay for a second person is discounted
  • Final price depends on the selected suite room category and on the seasonality.
Menopause retreat Preidlhof
Menopause retreat Preidlhof


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