Innovative ultra-mini-invasive surgical technique in the treatment of herniated discs

For the first time in Italy at the Maria Cecilia Hospital, part of GVM Care & Research, herniated discs were treated with an ultra minimally invasive surgical technique UBE (Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy) technique. This innovative surgical approach arrived in Italy thanks to the collaboration between the leading medical devices provider, surgical instruments and generator with dedicated probes developing this specific surgical technique.

In particular, on 28 July 2022, three different patients aged 17, 24 and 67 suffering from herniated discs were treated by Dr Lechanoine, one of the leading neurosurgeon, with the UBE technique, an endoscopic surgical technique for spinal surgery that provides double access to the area to be treated through two small incisions one for the endoscope and the other for the surgical instruments needed to complete the procedure. Using the UBE technique offers a viable alternative to both open surgery and the existing single-access endoscopic technique.

In fact, by using two accesses to the site to be treated, the surgeon has a better view of the vertebral and neurological structures.  It also has numerous advantages for the patient, including a significantly faster recovery and reduced post-operative pain. These advantages are due to the fact that muscular structures are preserved by passing through them without damaging them. Finally, the risks associated with the operation are also reduced compared to traditional surgical techniques there is less risk of infection and less bleeding.

In conclusion, UBE represents an advantageous exploration in the field of spinal surgery: it changes the concept, innovates the operative method, allows clinicians to perform high precision operations, and offers patients considerable advantages in post-operative recovery.

Biportal endoscopic UBE surgery represents the new leap into the future of spine surgery, synthesising three fundamental concepts:

  • Ultra minimally invasive surgery with direct visualisation during surgery
  • Benefits for patients in the post-operative period due to less pain and therefore less medication and rapid motor recovery
  • Benefits for healthcare facilities that definitively open a new surgical service front, oriented towards innovation that meets the expectations of every patient, who has always wanted to solve disabling problems with less invasive surgical procedures and a rapid return to activity

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