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Villa Eden

An oasis of peace, well-being and longevity

Immersed in the enchanting scenery of Merano, the history of Villa Eden has been making its way since 1982, when the founder Karl Schmid had a bold vision: to transform a private villa into a heavenly oasis and create the first “Beauty Farm” of national level. But the real triumph of their visionary concept materialized when Henri Chenot joined the project, bringing an innovation ahead of its time.

Since then, it has been his daughter, Angelika, who has passionately carried forward the progress of Villa Eden, transforming it into one of the most exclusive retreat hotels in the world. Today, Villa Eden shines with an extraordinary charm, recognized as one of the Leading Hotels of the World, with only 29 suites, for absolute privacy. Here you can savor the most innovative culinary art, immerse yourself in excellent Wellness & Beauty treatments and benefit from the assistance of a medical team that is always ready to welcome you.

Who has never wanted to forget the daily routine and dedicate some precious time just for themselves? This is precisely the beating heart of our philosophy: allowing you to rediscover harmony, energy and well-being in an unparalleled environment. At Villa Eden, your dreams will come true, enveloping you in an embrace of luxury and total care.

Realize your dream of embracing a better lifestyle in just a few days at Villa Eden. Thanks to the unique method developed by the Eden team of experts, you will be guided towards a new psychophysical balance through a combination of personalized medical treatments, balanced nutrition, physical activity and valuable advice to keep fit even at home.

It will be an experience that will help you create healthy habits and achieve complete well-being.

Taking care of Yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.

Merano is located in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy. It is situated in the Italian Alps and is known for its stunning natural scenery, thermal baths, and historic architecture. Merano is approximately 33 kilometers (20.5 miles) northwest of the city of Bolzano.

The nearest airports to Merano are:

  • Bolzano Airport (BZO) – This is the closest airport to Merano, located approximately 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) to the southeast. 
  • Innsbruck Airport (INN) – Innsbruck Airport in Austria is approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles) to the north of Merano and is a larger international airport offering a wider range of flight options.
  • Verona Airport (VRN) – Verona Airport, also known as Valerio Catullo Airport, is about 200 kilometers (124 miles) to the south of Merano. It is a larger international airport serving the region.
Villa Eden the Private Retreat Intercontinental Care Wellness

Discover the Longevity Eden method

Island of peace and exclusivity with personalized attention

Villa Eden is one of the most exclusive Retreat Hotels in the world, recognized as one of the Leading Hotels of the World. With only 29 suites, it offers an intimate and luxurious atmosphere and assures every guest maximum attention. It is a haven of absolute peace where you can restore harmony of body and mind. You will have the opportunity to regain your time, focus on yourself and focus on the goal of achieving health and beauty. For all these reasons, our retreat can be considered an exclusive “island” dedicated exclusively to adults.

Enchanting Location 

Immersed in the enchanting scenery of Merano, in Northern Italy, Villa Eden is located in a wonderful landscape setting, which helps to create a unique and suggestive atmosphere. From the Tappeiner walks to the Sissi path, from the Lungo Passirio walk to the Gilf walk up to higher altitude excursions in the Merano 2000 area: beautiful itineraries wind their way around Villa Eden.

Our customers can take advantage of a free guided tour with tasting at the traditional Castel Rametz family wine estate.

Villa Eden longevità

Longevity that combines body and mind

Villa Eden’s mission is to pursue the ideal balance between body, mind and spirit, while respecting the surrounding environment. Authentic harmony is inseparable from a close connection with the natural world around us. You will find highly effective treatments and health programs, developed by the medical team in synergy with wellness and fitness experts.

We are always available for advice and practical advice on how to embark on a path of rebirth that will give you back joy, vitality and new vigorous energy to better face everyday life. For us, true longevity encompasses every aspect of well-being. Among our medical and diagnostic services, we offer initial and final medical visits and assistance, epigenetic tests, measurements of essential parameters for a healthy and long-lived life, such as body composition, oxidative stress, cardiological and intestinal parameters, as well as blood tests and nutrigenetics.

Villa Eden Longevity

Fitness for Mind and Body

At Villa Eden, you can enrich your unforgettable holiday experience with a wide range of activities. You can participate in aquagym courses in the pool, fitness and yoga lessons, workout in an innovative fully equipped gym, take part in excursions in the wonderful nature of Merano, go on bike tours, relaxing walks or adventurous excursions, play tennis or golf.

Among the specific workouts, aimed at keeping your body healthy for longer, metabolic training techniques, pelvic and hormonal gymnastics and postural gymnastics are proposed.

Villa Eden the Private Retreat Intercontinental Care Wellness

Programs at the Villa Eden

The personalized itineraries, both short and weekly, created by Villa Eden’s specialized team in the field of preventive medicine and longevity, will take you on a journey towards regeneration and an authentic beauty that reflects your true inner essence. Whatever challenges you face, we will put all our skills at your disposal to guarantee excellent results.

Your stay begins with a comprehensive medical check-up, followed by a personalized treatment plan based on your specific medical history and goals. We constantly monitor the results obtained and provide advice on how to maintain new habits, even at home. You can always count on the support of specialists, even after your stay at Villa Eden.

Weight Care

The tailored Weight Loss program allows you to regain your ideal weight, improve your physical shape, and facilitate maintenance at home. The concept of “eating consciously” will allow you to re-evaluate and heal your relationship with food by savoring the refined gastronomy with a sense of tranquility and a delicate emotion. Price from € 735 per night.

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Sleep Restore Programme

The therapy is based on holistic procedures, stimulation of the chakra points, massages and appropriate physical activity with the use of innovative methods. An initial medical check-up will investigate the clinical causes from a clinical point of view that obstruct the quality of your sleep. One week from € 830 per night.

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Villa Eden Better Aging Program

Signature Better Aging

The goal of this one-week program in the stunning Alpine scenery is to create a personalized path that helps you counteract the negative effects of stress on your physical appearance. It combines advanced medical treatments, beauty procedures and relaxation. One week starting from € 6.690.

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Antistress Program by Villa Eden

This Anti-Stress program offers an innovative series of relaxation techniques, healthy eating, and movement to rediscover one’s physical and mental balance. By working on these essential aspects, alongside longevity experts, you will begin to experience the first results after just one week. One night from € 605

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Anti-cellulite Program

If your main goal is not simply to lose weight but to treat cellulite and address organic and metabolic imbalances, we have a professional and personalized solution that can help you.Through the synergy of proper nutrition, targeted physical activity, and specific treatments tailored to the type of cellulite, we can achieve tangible and visible results in a short amount of time, with long-lasting effects. One night from € 700

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