Respiratory rehabilitation – Breathe New Power

If you are looking for a respiratory rehabilitation, this option in Western Czechia, is perfect for you. The program is designed to help individuals who have respiratory conditions improve their lung function, manage symptoms, and enhance their overall quality of life. Starting from € 258 per night.

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Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad

Tailor-Made Health Program Alexandra

This customized pathway is designed to address your individual health requirements. Sustainable traditional as well as modern and alternative therapies and healing procedures at the highest level, aimed at coping well with the health and mental challenges of our time. Min. stay: 7 days, prices starts from € 239 per night. Czechia, 170 km from Prague

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Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad

Facing Forward Falkensteiner

This 7-days program will allow you to renew connection with your body after a challenging period, such as oncological treatment. Not far from Prague, in a beautiful Resort, with medical center, surrounded by forests and natural resources. One day from € 267

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